Music Picks [October 2015]



Oh My Girl ‘Closer’ [Oh My Girl becomes the best rookie girl group this year with a second single that’s just as good as their first. Keep it up girls!]

F(X) ‘4 Walls’ [Listen to the album, one of the best this year.]

IU ‘Twenty-Three’ [You really can’t get disappointed with the creativity and imagination this woman has.]

Kisum ‘Love Talk’ ft. Hwa Sa [Kisum and Hwasa together can’t go bad.]

Jay Park ‘Solo’ [Totally crushing on that girl; but I don’t blame him.]

Zion.T ‘No Makeup’ [Much of the same, but still the great voice.]

Beenzino ‘Break’ [Love the mv. Can’t wait for his album]

Lil Boi ‘Call Me’ Ft. Hwa Sa [Not just because of Hwasa but it’s a good song in itself too.]

Mola ‘ My Way’ [If your into Rihanna’s latest music, you’ll really enjoy this.]

Samuel Seo ‘Goyo’ [Another catchy song yet again.]


Worth It:

Taeyeon ‘I’

Twice ‘Like Ohh-Ahh’

Code Kunst ‘Parachute’

Oohyo ‘K-Drama’

Love X Stereo ‘Hide And Seek’

Chancellor ‘Better’



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