Music Picks [November 2015]


Jay Park ‘You Know’ ft. Okasian: Jay Park and Okasian in one song? you know this was bound to be good.

Zico ‘Boys And Girls’ ft. Babylon: It may sound like a certain Omarion song but it’s still a fun (and colorful) good time.

Dynamic Duo ‘Jam’/ ‘Dodoripyo’: While ‘Jam’ is a funny R&B jam, ‘Dodoripyo’ goes hard and reminds us all again that this duo can do it all.

San E, Mad Clown ‘Sour Grapes’: Filmed in much of the same style as San E’s other MV, ‘Me You’, it’s still cool to look at and listen to.

Brown Eyed Girls ‘Brave New World’: Classic Brown Eyed Girls style music returns.

Samuel Seo ‘New Dress Girl’: Perhaps my favorite song off his equally good album.

Phantom ‘Could You Be Mine’: The Phantom boys are back together again for a jamming R&B song.

People & People ‘The Universe’: This slow song and sensual video flow together real well that you watch all the way to the end.

Leah & Geragida ‘Unconditional’: Liked the creativeness of this video; and the song isn’t bad either.

Worth It: 

Madtown ‘OMGT’

iKON ‘Apology’

CL ‘Hello Bitches’

Psy ‘Napal Baji’

BTS ‘Run’

Got7 ‘Confession Song’

Rainia ‘Demonstrate’

Dean ‘Pour Up’ ft. Zico




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