12 Best MV Picks [2015]

cp fm

See The YT Playlist Here

Red Velvet ‘Dumb Dumb’ – Inventive and fun, if your not a fan of Red Velvet by now what are you doing with your life?

Crayon Pop ‘FM’ – Not following the girl group rules is what Crayon Pop is best at. 

Beenzino ‘Break’ – Having been busy all year featuring in other people’s songs, Beenzino drops his own mv and shows (again) his one of a kind mind.

SHINee ‘Married To The Music’ – Whaaaaat?! is going on? It’s Halloween-ish but instead of scary it’s weird. 

F(X) ‘4 walls’ – All this to stop a cup from shattering? doesn’t matter, it’s cool to watch. 

GaIn ‘Paradise Lost’ – Leave it to GaIn to go big and provocative the best way she knows how.  

Big Bang ‘Bae Bae’ – We can expect nothing less from these guys. It was expected. 

GD & TOP ‘Zutter’ – Again, you didn’t think a GD X TOP video would be boring did you?

Wonder Girls ‘I Feel You’ – It’s like an 80’s style Robert Palmer video. 

GOT7 ‘Just Right’ – This was just cute and adorable. Along with sending a positive message. 

BTS ‘Dope’ – Remember the first time you saw this dance and being blown away?

Anda ‘Touch’ – Like a certain Fiona Apple video but with addictive dancing.


EXO ‘Sing For You’ 

IU Twenty-Three’ 

2PM ‘My House’

Lim Kim ‘Awoo’

SHINee ‘View’

Brown Eyed Girls ‘Brave New World’


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