Six Album Picks: 2015

F(X): 4 Walls

fx 4walls

I could have chosen label mates Red Velvet and their ‘1st Album’ but F(X)’s ‘4 Walls’ instantly became a favorite on the very first listen. I’ve always like their songs before but was never 100% on board with their albums-until this one came out. This is one of those albums that will be listened to over and over in the coming years.

Wonder Girls: Reboot

wg reboot

There is no other girl group in my mind that has consistently made great pop albums than the Wonder Girls. I am not kidding. Perhaps they don’t get a lot of love from their singles but for those that continue onto the albums are greatly rewarded- every time. What other group goes for an 80’s themed album and pulls it off?!

G.Soul: Dirty

g.soul dirty

Now, G. Soul had an earlier album in the same year called ‘Coming Home’ which was amazing itself and honestly if it wasn’t for ‘Dirty’, it would have been on this list instead. ‘Dirty’ however, is the jam. It is addictive and has you dancing to EVERY Song. G.Soul is one of the best new people to come by in 2015.

Samuel Seo: Frameworks

samseo frame

I wasn’t expecting it, but I kept coming back to this album again and again. It doesn’t go hard but it doesn’t have to, it’s just a pleasure to listen to. I’m looking forward to more of Samuel Seo.

Dynamic Duo: Grand Carnival


They just had to come out with an album before the year end didn’t they? Primary’s ‘2’ Album was already a contender on this list but ‘Grand Carnival’ came along and changed my mind. Though Primary’s album is great, Dynamic Duo had a way of calling me back every time, as they should, I never expect anything less from their albums.

Parasol: Someday

parasol someday

Unfortunately, it seems there was not an impressive amount of rock albums this year but at least Parasol more than made up for it. ‘Someday’ is slow-vibe garage rock that you listen to at the end of the day. Their tracks seem very effortless to me and though I’m sure they worked really hard on it, this only proves to me how gifted they are. Here’s to hoping for another album soon.


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