12 Best MV Picks [2016]


See YT playlist here

In No Particular Order:

Taemin ‘Drip Drop’: In terms of dance mvs this one remained one of the best of the year. Bold colors and a passionate Taemin.

Oh My Girl ‘Windy Day’: Like Crayon Pop, this girl group strives to do something different with their mvs. Visually pleasing and matches perfectly with the song’s bubbly style.

JY Park ‘Still Alive’: JYP can make fun of himself and the idols that work for him without getting death threats from the netizens. Just like the song says, that makes him a legend.

Big Bang ‘Fxxk It’: Just as the year was going out Big Bang decided to slip one mv in. Their colors, their outfits, and their silly antics is what makes them so lovable.

Akdong Musician ‘Re-Bye’: AKMU is also another one of those idol artists that do their mvs differently. This suspenseful story line draws you in from start to finish.

Eric Nam ‘Can’t Help Myself’: 2016 was definitely Eric Nam’s biggest year yet. The song is adorable and so is he in this mv.

Twice ‘TT’: Became a fan after watching the mv. The song has probably the most catchy choreo move (the TT fingers) in the past year.

Dumbfoundead ‘Safe’: Honestly this may be the best mv of the year. It’s not only a satire on yellow face in Hollywood but shows that asians almost always get typecast in safe roles.

Beenzino ‘January’ ft. YDG: The visuals alone are stunning. The song itself may be in that trendy hip-hop style but then the lyrics themselves are hilarious.

Sunwoo Junga ‘Sooni’: Another gifted lyricist. If you have ever been a fan girl/boy of anyone, this is your anthem. In this case, Junga’s love for actor/singer Seo In Guk is totally understandable.

Nahzam Sue ‘ZomB-Boy’: Not only did Nahzam Sue come out with a great album but he put out a hilarious/dance-worthy mv too. There have been zombies in mvs before but this one takes the cake.

Kiha And The Faces ‘The Smell’s Gone’: You can always rely on Jang Kiha for witty lyrics and mvs. I chose the 1theK video so you can read the lyrics.

Also Check Out:

Wonder Girls ‘Why So Lonely’: Similar to last single’s ‘I feel you’, the vibe and colors are really lovely.

EXO ‘Monster’ : If not for Big Bang, this probably would have made the list. Choreography is killer.

Red Velvet ‘Russian Roulette’: Carrying on that definitive quirky style from ‘Dumb Dumb’.

Jay Park ‘Aquaman’ : The words clean and crisp come to mind about the mv, although the song is about getting dirty.

Zico ‘I Am You, You Are Me’: a simple but creative setup for a great song.

Yoon Mi Rae ‘JamCome On Baby’: Again, a simple mv but one you wont get bored of.

Dumbdoundead ‘Murals’: Easily one of the best mvs. But I had to choose between this and ‘Safe’

Fromm ‘Pieces Of You And Me’  Achingly beautiful shots with perfect color coordination.

24Hours ‘Get It On’: Whoever thought that a rock band would have such great choreography?



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