Nine Album Picks [2016]

There were waaay too many good albums that came out this past year but these are definitely the ones I listened to the most:


Dean ‘130 Mood:TRBL’: Even though this is more like a mini album, Dean had a very big year and can easily be proclaimed as the R&B voice of 2016.


Beenzino ’12’: Great beats and hooks are signature of Beenzino and this album is no exception. What’s more is his witty and hilarious lyrics.


Jay Park ‘Everything You Wanted’: The half English, half Korean album is everything you could ever want out of a R&B album. It’s just a shame his songs aren’t played on American radio.


Elo ‘8 Femmes’: A fantastic debut album from the AOMG singer. Like his Jay Park counterpart, he has a voice perfect for the R&B style. It should be duly noted that Crush’s ‘Interlude’ was also on repeat for me and was just as good of a mini album.


Shinee ‘1 Of 1’: It’s like being transported to the early 90’s Bell Biv Devoe scene with some up-to-date sound mixing.


Luna ‘Free Somebody’: It’s fair to say that any member from F(X) knows how to do electronic music well. This album proves it.


BTS ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life’: Though EXO had a good year (and good albums) it was undeniable how quickly BTS shot up in the past year. You can tell they gave it their all in this looong album and you can feel their passion emanating through their songs.


Nahzam Sue ‘Till The Sun Goes Up’: Sultan Of The Disco’s man of funk came out with his own album this year and was not a disappointment. Instead of that 70’s influence that you normally hear from the group, this album was more 80’s influenced. But it still had me jamming nonetheless.


The Barberettes ‘The Barberettes’: It’s been two years since their debut album, so when this one dropped, I eagerly listened to it from start to finish. I was not disappointed. Their first album may have been more traditional 50’s/60’s doo-wop but this album was a modern version of that and more. There’s a rockabilly/ motown seaside theme to it, mixed in with tracks that are more R&B, folk, and even country-esque. A great album that shows their growth and undeniable range of talent.


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